Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Goodbye 2010, hello New Year

Well, it is sad to say goodbye to a good year bringing new friendships, fun/challenging projects, lots of laughter, and our blogging efforts! But, look, there is a bright star, a new light in the sky, and many days of fun with friends ahead!

Our Wednesdays are also brightened by several additions! Energetic and enthusiastic new knitters, bringing new conversation and community spirit to the group: Cassie, Lindsay, and Michelle. Welcome!

Another wonderful addition was the birth of Lorraine's baby girl, Kalli Jazmyn. We saw an "early edition" preview, at about 4 days old, 2 weeks before Christmas, along with big sister and proud dad. This little cutie will undoubtedly be the source of many lovely and lovingly created crafts. Meanwhile, we get to see her progress each week. Our hearty congratulations to Lorraine and all of her family, and a warm welcome to Kalli.

The Craft Sale at the Deming Library, to benefit the Friends of the Deming Library building and program fund, has had great success, we hear. The total is yet to come in, but preliminary reports sound very good. It was great to see those crafts disappear from the shelves! Now, start planning for next year...a little bit of yarn crafting here and there will go a long way to adding to a bag of goodies to display for sale next December.

So the year 2010 has nearly passed, yet must be remembered for the good books read and crafts made. We are thankful for the people and the blessings we have experienced: The support of Deming Library staff, the Friends of the Deming Library for providing the community room, the textile lovers who have graced our evenings, and all who taught many stitches as needed. May the New Year bring you many stitches and satisfaction. And may you often stitch with friends.