Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tree of Life in the Summer

It's Autumn and it's finished!
This Tree of Life Afghan pattern was chosen for a Lion Brand Knit Along in 2008.
I got around to making it this summer using Pound of Love baby yarn (worsted weight) instead of Wool-Ease Fisherman's as was suggested.
It knitted up soft and very warm.

A very nice pattern by Nicky Epstein. She has several books of lovely projects at the library and/or you can get a free copy of this afghan at
In those great ignorant leafy ways;
Remembering all that shaken hair
And how the winged sandals dart,
Thine eyes grow full of tender care:
Beloved, gaze in thine own heart.

Gaze no more in the bitter glass
The demons, with their subtle guile,
Lift up before us when they pass,
Or only gaze a little while.

From "The Two Trees" by W.B. Yeats

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  1. Hooray, hooray, for your afghan and you!!! Congratulations Anne!