Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Create Crafts for Deming Library Sale!

Now, this funraiser seems MADE for Wednesday Night's Yarn Ravelers at Deming Library! A HOLIDAY CRAFT SALE!! This benefits the Deming Library. Which is a good thing, right? They provide community space for us to get together and do our crafts and we get to give a little back! The sale starts in December and crafts can be brought in at any time to library staff.

I would like to invite any readers of this blog to contribute a craft item for the sale. I took a moment (actually it took my senior computer brain a little 2 hours) to look up some holiday-ish crafts to do. Some are very quick and fun, and some are longer and fun. These are just what I came up with, but there are probably millions of holiday crafts out there in cyber-space, or in your craft notebook, or drawer from which to pull projects.

These are a few of the ideas I found (caution: check for copyright which may allow only personal use or not for profit patterns may have limited use clauses).

Candy Cane Cozy: zakka life: Candy Cane Cozy This is a VERY quick craft, uses 4-ply cotton, and is yummy too. See picture.

Holly Slippers: Holly Slippers | Hey, a couple for the library sale, and a couple for gifts.

Xmas Tree Hat or Centerpiece: Xmas Tree Hat or Centerpiece See picture of not-yet-finished hat (I'm trying!).

Mini-stockings: Free knitting patterns: knitted mini christmas stockings Afraid of socks? Try a mini one and work your way up to wearable ones. These are very cute...again in 4-ply cotton. See picture.

Ornaments: mind of winter: A Present For You This is a yarn and wire knit. Haven't tried it but it looks lovely and intriguing.

The Deming Library deserves all the support we can give. It is a lovely space with lovely crafting books always available. We so enjoy their support of our yarn crafting.

Have fun and don't stress during the holidays....your hobby is meant to enhance your life. Saying this, I have to make a list for......? How many days do I have to make.....?

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