Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Every Little Knit Counts

You could own this wonderful shawl!

If your library has kind and knowledgeable people to help you find the perfect book, if you can meet with your friends and knit every Wednesday night in a comfortable room at your library, and if your children can go to your library and have a nice person read a story to them, then your library is just like our Deming Library.

We would like to give a million dollars to ensure that the Deming Library would serve the public for many more years. If only we had a million dollars but, like most people, we don't.

So, we of the Good Yarns Group, knitted this beautiful, warm and comforting shawl and it will soon belong to the highest bidder in order to donate funds to The Deming Library.

When the date and time of showing and bids are available they will be posted on this blog and on the bulletin board of the library.

1 comment:

  1. It is a beautiful shawl. Deserves a good price and will benefit the library.