Monday, June 21, 2010

Endless Spring

Our seemingly endless cloudy days this year are not new to many of us. That doesn't make it easy to bear, but at least we know we are not entering a new ice age. If you are cold 8 months of the year, you have to wear hats and sweaters more. You are also comfortable curled in a chair doing things with yarn! We must find blessings in clouds or we would not live here.

Still spring and summer are quiet times for the yarn twiddlers at Deming Library. Here are some more books we found on the racks to inspire with color and ideas!

Hats with a Twist:
17 Fun and Funky Hats to Knit and 1 to Crochet, a special publication from Spin-off Magazine. This appears to be a well-used item at our library! There is a terrific Fair Isle Tam that will would be very popular at the holidays. A Twisted Tail Top has a curly-cue for fun.

No time during the week? Here is the answer. Weekend Knitting: 50 Unique Projects and Ideas, by Melanie Falick. Gloves galore...fingered, half-fingered, fingerless...all there, and mittens too. You have to see these to believe: turtle neck sweater egg cozies! This is a very timely book for impatient craft-ers, preparing for the holidays.

We are all going to be busy catching up in the gardens and taking trips and caring for the kids during school vacations. You can still make socks and hats on road trips or while waiting at the pool or at baseball games. You still need to rest after all you do, and crafting is relaxing as well as fun. So be good to yourselves and pick up some kind of textile habit that gives back so much. We will keep you company at the Deming Library, on Wednesday evenings from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

Speaking of vacations...Jean sent me this picture of a yarn shop on Kauai, Hawaii, called Hanalei Music's Strings and Things: Ukuleles, Yarn, and More. Stay and Play Awhile.

Next week, or so, I will enter all the yarn and textile shops I can find in this area. I will include the larger stores, with comments from Wednesday night attendees.

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  1. I'm trying to see what items are being knitted in Hawaii. Probably not Fair Isle sweaters.
    There were beautiful items being raffled for the Cancer "Walk for Life" in Bellingham, WA last weekend. Afghans, quilts, rag rugs and hat were displayed for the charity. Walking for the benefit was great. Seeing the crafts was a big bonus.