Thursday, July 22, 2010

Youthful Inspirations

Yarn crafts are certainly not exclusive to any age group. We at the Deming Library are constantly entertained by the new ideas of our younger participants.

Lorraine, who is a young mother, has become a regular attendee in these past few weeks and creates a vast array of beautiful projects despite her busy schedule. She has the most incredible way of changing a flubbed project into a successful one. A hat that she made for her young daughter is a bright and flattering color, perfect for a child but, a size too large. Rather than resign herself to wear the hat herself, Lorraine lined the inside of the hat with fleece fabric so the hat not only fits her little girl but, is also insulated.

A young boy knitted with the group last evening. He had seen our notice on the library postings and asked his mother if he could join us. Arden learned to "Pin" felt and knit at his grade school last winter. He picked up his needles and the group interactions as though he were joining old partners of craft and fun. When asked what he was making Arden said he didn't know yet. Now that's creativity!

Louise has finished her patchwork baby blanket but, we didn't get to see it because the recipient baby has been born. She promises to bring photos for us to see next week. Maybe she will have some of the blanket, too. Her new project is a knitted tiger toy. Orange with black strips and about a foot in length. Very cute and she is nearly finished. It's so good to have her back. We sure missed her.

I'm still poking along at the edging of my "Tree of Life" afghan. Just 5 more tulip buds to go. With catching up on news from Louise, the oh and awe-ing over Lorraine's quilted tote bag then reading Airport, a short story from Knit Lit the third aloud, I just didn't realize how little I was knitting. Well... until Arden asked me, "Do you ever knit"?

That is, Knit Lit the third. A collection of short stories edited by Linda Roghaar and Molly Wolf.
A book I renewed three times just because it makes me laugh out loud... a lot.

Another book that I request and renew multiple times is 45 fine and Fanciful Hats to Knit. By Anna Zulboorg. Berets, Toques, Cones, Stars, Pentagons and more. The colorful hats are delightful and different.

Have fun. Will ravel.


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