Saturday, May 1, 2010

What Goes On Wed Nights?

"We" are still a pretty small group of 3 or 4. There is no agenda or roll call. I try to gather names but not very compulsively. After all this is not work. Newcomers are gladly welcome. Where are all those knitters?

We have migrated around the library, and found exceptionally comfortable chairs and good lighting in several places. There is even a couple of tables for spreading out a project. If there is a crowd (rare), we can always go into the community meeting room.

We share what we are working on and admire progress and new ideas. There was a lot of poetry reciting going on this week! Books and patterns from magazines and websites are looked at. We tried some spinning one week. We haven't brought any sheep in yet :)

The Deming Library yarn crafting section is well used each week. The section number is 746.432. Whatcom County Library Services offers on-line search and book requests. Click here to go there.

Here are a few we like: "Knitted Socks: over 25 designs for fab feet and cozy toes for the whole family" by Anna Tillman. "Getting Started Knitting Socks" by Ann Budd is a good beginner resource. "The Knitter's Handbook" by Montse Stanley, is like a little knitting bible.

Most people start with a scarf or a washcloth as a first project. We show you an easy knitting cast-on technique, followed by a knit stitch, a turn at the end, and more rows until you are ready to cast-off. This is called a "garter stitch", is flexible and hides uneven stitches! Crochet uses a hook and starts with a chain of stitches, a turn, and rows attached to the previous one. Voila...a scarf or a washcloth!

Don't let a lack of supplies deter you from starting. We bring extra yarn and supplies for new-bees. You can try it before you invest dollars.

If you bring your yarn and needles/hook, here are suggestions: light colored "worsted" yarn without fancy patterns, a pair of size 7, 8, or 9 needles (straight inexpensive steel or plastic), or a size I, J, or K crochet hook.

If there are problems in any pattern, Anne is a good one to ask. Patterns for crochet or knitting have occasional errors....grrr, or it is hard to determine what the pattern writer is intending to do. Yikes! More than one brain is sometimes needed, and maybe a resource and a little ingenuity.

We have a good time and laugh a lot. Whatever you are making, have a good time doing it!


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  1. What an inviting blog--great creativity, Louise. You knitters always make our library seem so homey on Wednesday nights. It's a great pleasure to hear your lively patter and laughter.